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By “dumbing” down our schools curriculum are we actually hurting our children?

Are we dumbing down math and diluting the learning process by trying to make the curriculum fun? This year our daughter started to learn math using a methodology that is known as Tessellation. In researching what this methodology of teaching entailed it was described as a process of teaching math “which does not depend largely … Continue reading

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Pitching your idea or story, and the 20 second rule

In a post I wrote about the gamification of warehouse management, I had made reference to the 20 second rule in terms of the framework for my interview with an industry executive. Whenever I do an interview I always look to gain an understanding of the subject matter that, as quickly as possible, can be … Continue reading

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The million dollar napkin and other lessons from the dot com boom

We recently began sorting through the accumulated memories of a wide and varied collection of pictures, clothes and other such items upon which the ideal garage sale is built. In short, trying to determine what of our junk would be considered a treasure to someone else. Interestingly enough, many of the items that Jennifer and … Continue reading

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A House Divided: Are Women Really Their Own Worst Enemy?

I just read an article by Erica Ehm, who was the very first V-Jay for Much Music – for my American readers Much Music is the Canadian version of MTV. In writing about her early years with the music channel, she talked about receiving hate mail. While I found it difficult to understand why a … Continue reading

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Deliberate illiteracy and the Twitter effect?

Hagar the horrible was one of my favorite cartoon characters growing up. Of all the great strips that I read the one that has always stood out for me was when Hagar – an unapologetic barbarian – questioned his somewhat nebbish son as to why he would waste his time reading books. His son responded, … Continue reading

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5 signs that you are a true “Idea” person

I often recall with great amusement the scene from the movie Night Shift when Michael Keaton’s character Bill Blazejowski announces to his befuddled co-worker played by Henry Winkler, that he was “an idea man”. Blazejowski then goes on to rattle off a series of what he considers to be brilliant ideas. For example when he … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Sting: Is it time to bail on LinkedIn?

I have two blogs for which I write on a regular basis – my first one, which I started in May 2007, currently has 22,098 followers, while the second, which was launched in May 2013 for the European market, already has 17,497 followers. The former has been recognized as one of the top 25 blogs … Continue reading

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Why are we so afraid of failure?

“The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself” – Franklin D. Roosevelt I remember when I was about 8 or 9, my older brother told me that there was a monster in the main hall closet. He warned me that if I was too slow when I walked by, the monster would grab … Continue reading

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#McD_Poison Update: Why did you turn down the money?

In our media interviews I had repeatedly made the statement that our approach to dealing with McDonald’s continuing refusal to unconditionally release the results of the test that would finally tell us what “store-related compound” our son ingested in his milkshake, wasn’t about the money. The fact is that what we want is straight forward … Continue reading

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McDonald’s tainted shake petition update . . . not an accident?

We would like to thank everyone who has signed and shared our petition. With 1,737 signatures, we are well on our way to hitting our target of 2,500! Beyond the extensive media coverage that has just begun, we also appealed directly to the employees, parents and acquaintances who – either directly or indirectly – are … Continue reading

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