A Quest For Justice – The Case of the Serial Suicide Killer (A PI Window Exclusive)

In and of itself, the story of Nadia Kajouji is at once heart rending and tragic. A lovely (and loving) 18 year old university student who through circumstances that are not important entered the dark world of suicide chat rooms and fell prey to a predator which I have come to call The Serial Suicide Killer.

Nadia Kajouji, Age 18

Posing as a young female nurse, this killer stalked society’s most vulnerable at their weakest point, and describing it as “the thrill of the chase” attempted to talk dozens of people into taking their lives as part of what was in reality a one-sided suicide pact.

While we cannot be sure as to the exact number of people William Melchert-Dinkel ultimately influenced or perhaps coerced would be a better word, into a premature grave, one thing is certain . . . his intent was to kill and do so while he watched through the victims’ own Internet camera.

The Serial Suicide Killer (William Melchert-Dinkel)

Tearing down any remaining vestiges of hope that marked the line between life and the darkness of death, this sadistic voyeur presently stands trial in Rice Count, Minnesota for two of his “known” victims, Nadia Kajouji and 32 year old Mark Drybrough from the UK.

Given the virtual nature of the world in which Melchert-Dinkel operates, just getting to trial has been a precipitous journey of uncertainty, plagued by tentative action on the part of the authorities trapped in the void between two disparate yet connected realities.

For those in the legal profession, this trial has all the makings of a landmark case that seeks to extend the reach of laws from the physical world into the vastness of the virtual world that we know as the Internet. For Nadia Kajouji’s mother Deborah Chevalier, all that matters is that she can never hold her daughter or talk with her and share the experiences that every mother and daughter enjoy as one grows from a little girl into an adult woman.

While this story without a doubt focuses on a number of polarizing issues, in which dearly held constitutional values surrounding freedom of speech and the right to die will draw considerable attention both within North America and from the world in general – after all the Internet knows no geographical border, at the end of the day a mother’s aching love for a lost daughter is what moves me the most. So when Deborah Chevalier first contacted me based on my coverage of the Serial Suicide Killer, there was never any doubt as to what this case is really about . . . justice and protecting those of us who are the most vulnerable – which at any point could be any one of us given the right circumstances.

Nadia’s vulnerability, which made her susceptible to Melchert-Dinkel’s seemingly empathetic oratory and ultimately led to her being pulled from the Ottawa River one early spring day in April 2008 close to 1 1/2 months after she was first reported missing, is also what made her special. It was her willingness to become vulnerable and open to others, as recounted in a story by Deborah Chevalier during our September 1st broadcast, that prompted her to clap for a student who she did not know as he approached the podium to accept his degree because no one else was clapping. She didn’t think that it was right for someone not to be recognized at such an important moment and did something about it.

Now her mother Deborah is trying to do right by her daughter.

With the trial of Melchert-Dinkel moving forward through the Minnesota courts, and based on my regular conversations with Deborah Chevalier, each Friday I will provide you with a mother’s view of the judicial process as well as explain the legalities of a case in which moral imperatives are at odds with legal precedence.

In the meantime here are the links to our past coverage, which provide a solid outline of how we have a arrived at this point in time:

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August 25th, 2010, The Serial Suicide Killer

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