McDonald’s tainted shake petition update . . . not an accident?

We would like to thank everyone who has signed and shared our petition.

With 1,737 signatures, we are well on our way to hitting our target of 2,500!

Beyond the extensive media coverage that has just begun, we also appealed directly to the employees, parents and acquaintances who – either directly or indirectly – are associated with the McDonald’s in Buckingham. Here is the link to the appeal:

While it seemed like a long shot, we were encouraged by the initial response we received from both current as well as former McDonald’s employees.

Here is what we have learned:

  • What may have been in our son’s shake . . . McClean, or possibly a degreaser product?  What is in the tea packet-sized McClean product?  Apparently this is a specially made in-house product for McDonald’s in which the ingredients are a guarded secret.  Is this the reason why McDonald’s refuses to release the information . . . to protect a “secret recipe”?
  • If it was a degreaser product – which should not be used but often times is, in the maintenance of the milkshake machines – it likely contained potassium hydroxide.  Even a trace or small amount can present problems following the initial ingestion.
  • Having now gained a better understanding of how the milkshake machines are maintained, and calculating the odds that only one baby shake out of the 63 shakes McDonald’s sold that day had a “store-related compound” in it, suggests that it may not have been an accident.  Perhaps this is the reason why McDonald’s claimed that the “lab was unable to determine the source.”

We will of course continue to pursue the truth through a number of activities over the coming weeks, and will keep you posted on our progress.

In the meantime, please share the link to this petition with as many people as possible, as we not only want to find out what our son ingested, but bring this matter into the open so that any subsequent investigation will ensure that nothing like this ever happens again to another family.

Jon and Jennifer

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Click to sign petition asking McDonald's to release test results of tainted shake.

Click to sign petition asking McDonald’s to release test results of tainted shake.

Media Coverage:


Ottawa Sun –

Metro –

CBC Television: (Note – segment starts at the 9 minute mark)

We have also received tremendous coverage from the French media in both television and print.


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