5 signs that you are a true “Idea” person

I often recall with great amusement the scene from the movie Night Shift when Michael Keaton’s character Bill Blazejowski announces to his befuddled co-worker played by Henry Winkler, that he was “an idea man”. Blazejowski then goes on to rattle off a series of what he considers to be brilliant ideas. For example when he … Continue reading

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With Cries of Storm the Bastille, Some Are Content to Live Off of the Very Working Class They Profess to Support

Okay, maybe I do need more bran in my diet.  Perhaps I should even start wearing pants in which the waist sits north of my navel and complain about taxes and the weather.  I am more than willing to concede this and even more as a explanation for my occasional grumpiness but . . .  … Continue reading

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