The Ultimate Sting: Is it time to bail on LinkedIn?

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I have two blogs for which I write on a regular basis – my first one, which I started in May 2007, currently has 22,098 followers, while the second, which was launched in May 2013 for the European market, already has 17,497 followers. The former has been recognized as one of the top 25 blogs … Continue reading

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So you have 20,000 plus contacts on LinkedIn . . . now what?! (Part 1)

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con·tact  [kon-takt] noun – an acquaintance, colleague, or relative through whom a person can gain access to information, favors, influential people, and the like. Source: In the broadest sense of the word, having contacts suggests that one as a high degree of influence.  However, and especially within the virtual realms of the social networking … Continue reading

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Social networking etiquette 101: Changing your comment in a comment stream after someone responds to your original post is a big NO-NO!

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Facebook Discussion Stream . . . Original Poster: No Jon that was repost of what i said before with some grammatical errors corrected and avoid misunderstanding of what I am tying to say. My Response: This is a comment stream Mr. Ortega and as such grammatical errors as such are acceptable . . . editing … Continue reading

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Would you pay for content? The New York Times thinks that you will!

Article Update: When I wrote this post regarding the death of print newspapers the Wall Street Journal scandal obviously was not widely known at the time. So here is the question, is the WSJ fiasco of buying their own papers through third-party companies the final nail in the newsprint industry’s coffin? The New York Times is … Continue reading

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Privatizing Social Networks . . . The End of LinkedIn and Facebook as We Know Them?


We took the best from social network sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn and incorporated these features into the new socially interactive IACCM website . . . So commented Bob Emery, the General Manager, Marketing and Development for the International Association for Contract and Commercial Management “IACCM” during his Webinar tour of the exciting new … Continue reading

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Does Ning CEO Rosenthal Announcement Mark the Beginning of the End of Our Social Networking Free Ride?

so I’ve come here to give you a hand and lead you into the promised land so… come on and take a free ride [free ride!] Lyrics from the song Free Ride by Edgar Winter Group Denise, a member of my Facebook community shared a link earlier today regarding a major announcement from Ning’s new … Continue reading

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Pew Survey indicates that blogging has lost its lustre, but do you agree?

Earlier this week I received an e-mail from a fellow host on the Blog Talk Radio Network in which the link to a February 21st article in the Music Industry News Network titled “Social Media and Young Adults” was included. The article made reference to “Two Pew Internet Project surveys,” that revealed a noticeable “decline … Continue reading

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The Perfect Networker and the Southwest Effect

Like you, I receive many invitations to join what seems like an endless number of social networks. Despite the various networks to which I can claim membership, the three primary communities to which I belong are Ecademy, LinkedIn and Facebook.  Based on the age demographics – Facebook is geared to the twenty-something crowd, while LinkedIn … Continue reading

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Who Is In Control of Your Social Networking Future

The term stepping on a wasp’s nest comes to mind as tomorrow’s special broadcast titled “The Gathering Storm: How LinkedIn Policy Might Be Alienating Its Power Connectors” fast approaches.  Here it is 10:38 PM EDT and I am still fielding calls from a surprising number of individuals who are offering their input on the growing … Continue reading

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Syndicated PI Ping (We Interrupt This Broadcast) The Scheduled Segment for the July 28th Show Has Been Changed

We interrupt this broadcast:  Our scheduled interview with Libby Gill has been  postponed to enable us to respond to the growing controversy between LinkedIn and it Power Connectors. LinkedIn’s policies seems to be a topic that is gaining considerable traction in social media circles for a variety of reasons including what the network’s Power Connectors … Continue reading

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