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Out of 15,000 hosts, Blog Talk Radio names Jon Hansen as one of their top 300 hosts

Jon Hansen Top 300 Hosts

Show Appearance Info:

Jon Hansen is the Host of the PI Window on The World Show on Blog Talk Radio

Personal Bio:

As the lead writer for the PI Social Media Network’s Procurement Insights and PI Window on Business Blogs since their introduction in May 2007 and June 2009 respectively, Jon Hansen has played an important role in the organization’s selection by the 2010 Social Media Bible as one of the 120 most influential social media companies in the industry.

Collectively, Jon has written close to 2,000 articles and papers on subjects as diverse as supply chain practice, public sector policy, emerging business trends as well as social media.

Jon is also the host of the highly acclaimed PI Window on the World Show on Blog Talk Radio (BTR).  As a BTR Network featured host, Jon has welcomed leaders and bestselling authors from the world of business discussing both timely and thought provoking topics.  The show recently aired its 650th episode.

On November 2, 2009 Jon’s first book, “Your Show Will Go Live in 5 Seconds” was released receiving strong reviews within the industry.  This represents the first installment in what will become the Corporate/Personal Branding in Social Media Series.  In “Your Show Will Go Live” Jon shared his experiences and insights in helping you to create and host a show that informs, empowers and enriches your audience, your guests and yes, even yourself.

His second book, “The Unsociable Business of Social Networking And Why The So Act Social Network Will Change The World” was released in February 2010.

Both books are available through and Barnes & Noble bookstores.

In early 2014 Jon’s 3rd book will be published.  Titled Policing in a Democratic Society: Is America Becoming a Police State?, this latest work was a collaborative effort with television’s Cop Doc Dr. Richard Weinblatt.

Jon is available to speak at your next conference and event.  In addition to the subjects highlighted above, he’s happy to customize a program for your group.  Just contact him to discuss how he can help make your event a success.

Jon’s First Book (Cover):

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

In the following pages that make up the 10 Chapters of “Your Show Will Go Live in 5 Seconds,” I will share with you my experiences and insights in creating and hosting your own Internet radio show that will inform, empower and enrich your audience, your guests and yes, even yourself. (See Industry Reviews for the book at the bottom of this page.)

Release Date: Also available in paperback and eBook formats (Select Lulu Buy Now Button)

Book Excerpt Interactive Viewer:

Industry Reviews:

From all my experience dealing with the media, I must say that Jon is best of class. After talking with Jon and then being interviewed on-air by him, I would recommend him to anyone. He is thoughtful, curious, affirming, intellectually stimulating, and superbly well-informed. I’ve come away from every conversation with Jon feeling energized and looking forward to the next one. I’m rushing now to buy his book, and I encourage others to do the same.

John Ullmen    , Ph.D. Executive Coach, Author of WHiCH BIRD GETS HEARD? HOW TO HAVE IMPACT EVEN IN A FLOCK, and lecturer at the UCLA Anderson School of Management

I’ve done a ton of radio in my career as an executive coach, branding expert and author. Being on air with Jon Hansen is one of the most engaging, dynamic and enjoyable media experiences I’ve ever had!

When I first spoke with Jon to discuss my upcoming guest appearance, that could have been a show in itself. He’s got an amazing depth of curiosity, intellectual appetite for ideas and, yep, an old-fashioned gift of gab that make talking with him an absolute joy.

To top it off, he does his background research. Jon studies his topic, he prepares his material, he knows what he wants to talk about. Unheard of! Especially in this era of quick-hit, fast-food information nuggets.

To say you can learn about radio from Jon’s new book is a total understatement. What Jon can teach you about connecting with your audience is truly life-changing. Read it and share your message. But only after you’ve done your homework!

Libby Gill, Executive Coach & Author of YOU UNSTUCK

Jon’s book is NOT a technical manual on starting your own podcast; there are plenty of those available. In ’Your Show Will Go Live in 5 Seconds’ Hansen shares his experience as one of Blog Talk Radio’s most impressive success stories and how you can do it too! His focus is on the show and more importantly, on the audience. Jon tells you how to develop a relationship with the audience by facilitating a sincere connection with your guests. ’Your Show Will Go Live…’ transcends podcasting; it’s a must read for anyone who aspires to the major leagues as a talk show host on any platform.

Jim Bouchard Speaker, coach & author of Dynamic Components of Personal POWER and Think Like a Black Belt Host of the Black Belt Mindset PowerPOD show –

Once, I read through the first 33 pages of ’Your Show Will Go Live in 5 Seconds’ I knew that I had in my hands, what I believe is destined to be a best seller…and most likely-suggested reading at many of the top international schools of broadcasting.

Jon, has the inherent ability to be able to communicate with his audience (in this case his readers) in a way that carries with it, experience, honesty and personal humor-all in a spirit of humility. His words come alive, and you feel…not only informed, but motivated and encouraged that you too…can be a successful Radio/TV Host.

His definition of a good host is “someone who always attempts to make the people around him, or her feel as comfortable as possible”. That is how I felt…while reading it, and I hope you will agree-while reading this book-from cover to cover.

Whether you are, a seasoned Public Speaker/Show Host, or…it is your dream to be the Host of your own Radio/TV Show, then you must own…this jewel of a book.

I personally agree with Jon, as he states in the forward…’that it is his sincerest hope that this book will in some small way help you to walk through your door of what will ultimately become your greatest adventure’.

Bradley A. Hensley, Radio/TV Show Host

Jon’s book is as informative and enjoyable to read as listening to his BTR shows are. I was fortunate to be a recent guest on his show (but before I knew about this book) and found our conversation to be one of the easiest and enjoyable radio interviews I’ve done. Not ‘easiest’ in the sense that it took no effort because there was a lot of effort expended by Jon prior to the interview. Rather, ‘easiest’ in that Jon did all the hard work beforehand to prepare me and then made it so comfortable and engaging to talk to him during the show. I can’t believe the show went as quickly as it did. In no time, Jon was saying, ‘Well, we’re about to run over our time limit, Michael can you stay a bit longer.’

If you’re serious about personal branding in Social Media and either want to host or be a guest on BTR, then you owe it to yourself to READ THIS BOOK!

Michael Kreppein, Inquisix (Guest)

I had the privilege of being interviewed by Jon last week. We had an interesting brief discussion prior to my going ′Live with JON′. What fascinated me initially was the fact that Jon was already asking intriguing questions, as if he had spent hours and hours conducting research on who I was, what I stood for and how we could relate. Jon has the unique ability to connect with his guests, from an intellectual level, emotional level, spiritual level and just plain down to earth level. His analogies and metaphors capture your attention as he validates what the speaker is talking about. Being interviewed by Jon was like watching a true artist at work. His book ′Your Show Will Go Live In Five Seconds′ is a testimonial to Jon′s brilliance on the topic of interviewing. Whether you have aspirations to host or be a guest, this book will provide you with pearls of knowledge, research and entertainment. After all, Jon′s style of writing will keep your attention beyond your expectations. Jon reiterates that you should focus on your own unique insights to provide perspectives on the topic. Regardless of the topic, Jon has this innate ability to understand what you are saying as if he has walked in your shoes. His gentle manner encourages a natural flowing conversation. His book reflects his inner core, his passion for his profession and his zest for entertaining his readers. What made the book even more enjoyable, aside from tons of tips, was that it reflected the core of Jon′s soul and his commitment to helping others succeed in this business. This book is a wonderful gift for anyone who shares the passion to communicate with others, on radio, on TV or live.

Roz Usheroff , Leadership, Image and Branding Specialist
Bestselling Author of ′Customize Your Career′

I’ve been in the publicity business booking interviews for clients going on 20 years, plus I co-host a radio talk show, and I’ve done many interviews. So I know both sides of the fence and can vouch for the tremendous professionalism and competency that Jon brings to his show. Even more important, my interview with Jon was fun with a great exchange of ideas and data. Also, the excerpt of Jon’s book shows he is very on track with insightful data about the talk show format and the use of the social media.

Marsha Friedman, CEO – EMSI, author of Celebritize Yourself, Co-Host of the nationally syndicated radio show The Family Roundtable

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  1. Angela Shella says:

    Looking forward to your book. got your twitter message,cant reply unless you follow but anyhow, thanks for the link. This blog has great info. love the musical guest detour, and I’m looking forward to learning more about interviews

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