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Tune in a relax the last Friday of every month with BTW!

The last Friday of every month I welcome to our newest show Buckingham This Week! or BTW! some of the most amazing musical talent from Canada’s Capital Region to provide both a rare and unique look into the music industry like never before.

We will of course from time-to-time expand our geographical and musical boundaries with several 60 and 90-minute specials, so be sure to check back frequently for dates and times.

For October . . . Stairwell Leo

Ethereal songstress Amanda Cottreau and forefront guitarist Steve Perron team up to create a fusion of raw/rugged acoustic alchemy. Their band STAIRWELL LEO delivers a multi-decade repetoire of Classic Rock, Alternative & Folk covers blended seamlessly with their original creations.

In this era of carefully crafted careers and manufactured stardom through shows such as American Idol, is there an informed audience for the authentic music of a duo whose artistic interpretations and original compositions spans both genres and generations?

Based on their growing local presence that also extends beyond the Capital Region, I would have to say yes!

Joining me this evening on BTW! is none other than Amanda Cottreau and Steve Perron.

Recent Segments:

September 30th Segment (Sarah McClurg)

This week I am pleased to welcome Sarah McClurg who’s debut album Tennessee Rain has made an impression on both sides of the Atlantic causing many in the industry to draw comparisons with a certain songstress from Timmins.

Specials Archive:

December 8th Segment (The Pig and Whistle: Setting the Stage for Canadian Talent)

John Wright whose story and journey while being similar to many who leave their hearts exposed on the stage of previously unknown yet welcoming venues across the country, is nonetheless unique. Especially when he relates the story of using the guitar strap from a friend and fellow musician who once shared the stage with him but has since passed away.

John Wright Songs of Life

John Wright

Link to John

December 22nd Segment (The Pig & Whistle: Music Beyond Canadian Borders)

Ryan Hartt and the Blue Hearts whose sound is a combination of traditional West Coast, Chicago and Texas-flavored blues has garnered the band some pretty hefty credentials, including two critically acclaimed albums on their own Far-Tone Records label (the later of which was a top-eight finalist in the International Blues Foundation’s 2006 “Best Self-produced CD” contest) and winners of the 2003, 2006 and 2009 CT Blues Challenges.

Ryan Hartt & the Blue Hearts

Link to Ryan Hartt

May 6th Segment (Sweet and Saxy: An Evening of Soulful Listening With Songstress Pamela Luss)

“You’re in great company: Billie, Ella, and Helen Humes. They all had soul and so do you. Thank you for changing my universe when you sing.” – Jerry Stiller

“..There’s a hint of huskiness, a variable cloudiness, a passing shadow that escalates her sound from merely pretty to intoxicating…Luss’ aim is bulls-eye accurate.” — JazzTimes, Christopher Loudon (Review of Sweet and Saxy)

“A wonderful singer.” – Jerry Lewis

The above represents just a sampling of the praise that Pamela Luss has inspired from audiences throughout the land.

For me, after having listened to Pamela’s music, I just fell in love her voice and could not help but think of hauntingly beautiful, soulful tunes such as Since I Fell For You and Nobody But Me.

Of course, I am not alone in expressing these sentiments as Pamela’s new album,”Sweet and Saxy,” with Houston Person reached #1 on 3 of J&R Music World’s Bestselling Charts! It is also #1 on the Contemporary Jazz Vocal Chart, and #1 on the Jazz Vocal Chart, as well as the Jazz Chart.

Pamela Luss

Link to Pamela

June 2nd Segment (Shades of Love: The Pain passes But The Beauty Remains)

“Yet, for all the playfulness found on Shades of Love – notably in upbeat renditions of standards such as “You’d Be So Nice To Come Home To and Jobim’s One Note Samba – she admits the real Kim Kaskiw is to be found beneath the achingly beautiful, poignant shades of melancholy that drive her lone and original contribution, Here And Now.”

The above review by Sun Showbiz columnist Allan Wigney revealed a side of Kim Kaskiw’s music that was reminiscent of the acquiesced sadness of a Dorothy Dandridge.

Without a doubt, and as is often the case with the most talented people, Kaskiw’s life story is reflected in the pensive adagio of her musical storytelling that at once is both light yet heartfelt.

Almost paradoxically, her tone simultaneously pulls you outward towards the opposite ends of the emotional extremities of happiness and sadness, as she herself retreats within her own experiences and memories like the delicate petals of a beautiful flower at dusk.

In a far beyond the stars, near beyond the moon accessibility, one is certain that any time spent with Kaskiw is an ephemeral experience that will leave a lasting and indelible imprint on the listener’s heart.

Link to Kim

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