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Since launching the PI Window on Business Show in March 2009, I have had the privilege of interviewing many internationally acclaimed bestselling authors from the world of business.

The Book Resource Center was originally set-up as a means of providing you with access to these intelligent and highly engaging people.

Featuring an individual Author Profile Page, you had the opportunity to get to know the authors who have added such great value to our show including their personal biographies, latest book with detailed summaries as well as other interesting facts.

As we quickly approach our 200th segment, the list of acclaimed authors has grown.  In fact it has grown so much that the list alone takes up more than have of our side panel index.  In short we are running out of room!

For this reason, we will be launching the PI Window on Business Guest Author Blog in September 2010.

Featuring the detailed Author Profile Pages you have come to know and like, we will also be adding a live chat capability on each author page that will provide you with an opportunity to connect directly with them during schedule interviews and events such as electronic book signings through the PI Window on Business Show.

We are afforded this ability to expand your access to these incredible people because of the new dedicated blog, so we hope that you will become a frequent visitor.

In the meantime, the Book Resource Center will appear as the Featured Author Page, as each month we will be “featuring” a specific author and their latest book.

In the meantime, please take a “ride” on our Carousel of books below to take advantage of advanced order (and savings opportunities).

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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