Revealing The Secrets of “The Hidden Game”

You place your bets, spin the wheel, and take your chances.

What if this was true, but with one important twist?  The wheel was rigged in such a way it was skewed towards the benefit of a few insiders – the Players. And then they were able to conceal this game in such a way that everybody thought they had an even chance in the Game.

In life there is a game, however, it is not the one we all think we’re playing. Beneath the surface there lies a secret, Hidden Game.

Those people you read about in society columns, the movers and shakers of our world, all know this game; and they go to great lengths to prevent you from catching on.

If you take a moment and allow yourself to imagine that this game exists, you can take one of two positions: You can do everything in your power to get as far away from this Game as you possibly can, or you would do whatever it takes to win this Game.  Either way, learning about the Game – how it is setup, who the players are, and how they play – is your best bet to getting what you want out of life.

The only other option is to hope and pray that what I’m saying is nonsense – that there is no Game, that all this is just another conspiracy theory.  But what if you are wrong?

By putting your head in the sand you may feel that all is well for a time.  But sooner or later, the spin of the wheel will go against you, and when it does you will have no idea of what hit you, how, and why it happened.

Recent events have shown how dangerous taking that stance can be.  Is that a chance you are prepared to take?  Isn’t it time you took hold of the reigns in your life, took positive action to decide your own destiny, became a co-creator in your life, and found out about the Hidden Game?

The ominous sounding words from John Berling Hardy’s book “Have We Been Played” conjures up images of director Stanley Kubrick’s last film “Eyes Wide Shut.”

Joining me on November 6th to talk about The Secrets of “The Hidden Game” is author John Berling Hardy.

John Berling Hardy

John Berling Hardy

About John:

After many years working in the financial industry, in the early 1990’s, John Berling Hardy was chosen by a  major financial institution to come to the aid of a struggling food processing company, Szeged Paprika and Meat Processing Plant, based in Hungary.

When John arrived, he was assured that the problems were directly related to the liberalization of Hungary’s centrally controlled economy to a market based economy.

Although these challenges were real enough, the company concealed another, much darker, reality. John felt that something just wasn’t quite right, and he was correct.  The true catalyst of the company’s difficulties was completely concealed from the workers, from the community and even from John.

What had caused the company’s difficulties was not the economic shift in Hungary as presented, but rather fraud which enlisted the participation of the senior management of the plant, including the local bank’s management (John’s employer).

This was when John began formulating the elements of The Game.

Upon returning to Toronto and to his business in carriage trade custom construction, John began to notice the same patterns he experienced in Hungary repeating themselves again and again.  This wasn’t an isolated incident – this was a worldwide phenomena. The same inconsistencies, the same shifts in power, the same manipulations.

Gradually he began to see this pattern in all aspects of his life – business and personal. He spent much time thinking about what it was that he sensed but could not put his finger on.

Finally he figured it out! He developed the algorithm behind the seemingly chaotic array of events which he had experienced over the years.  John found the master key to the players and the hidden game, a key that he wants to share with the world in order to help people from all nations to take control of their lives and to no longer be manipulated by “the players” of the world.

Remember to use the On-Demand Player below to access the live broadcast of “Revealing The Secrets of “The Hidden Game” on November 6th at 12:30 PM EDT.

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