From Russia With(out) Love: Oligarchical Capitalism and Corruption

What is amazing about doing a radio show is the growing frequency in which I am approached with suggestions of both possible guests and thought-provoking show topics. From the controversial Bill C-6 that potentially threatens to euthanize the Natural Health Products Industry in Canada, to the less ominous but nonetheless important impact of Buy American … Continue reading

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Syndicated PI Ping: Intel Will Pay Rival Chipmaker AMD $1.25 Billion to Settle All Legal Disputes

Intel Will Pay Rival Chipmaker AMD $1.25 Billion to Settle All Legal Disputes (Related PI Article: Trying to resolve a longstanding legal case, the chipmaker Intel agreed on Thursday to pay a rival Advanced Micro Devices $1.25 billion to settle antitrust and patent disputes. The settlement will resolve a case pending in Federal District … Continue reading

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Revealing The Secrets of “The Hidden Game”

You place your bets, spin the wheel, and take your chances. What if this was true, but with one important twist?  The wheel was rigged in such a way it was skewed towards the benefit of a few insiders – the Players. And then they were able to conceal this game in such a way … Continue reading

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