Today’s Broadcast “Me lookin at you and you looking at me: Staging Social Network Advertising” Engaging and Thought Provoking

September’s line-up of shows has been incredible covering a range of interesting and timely topics from the Buy American Policy’s impact on domestic and international economies to “heard it here first” news stories and bestselling authors Libby Gill and Shel Israel discussing their new books. It is probably a safe assumption that we had a … Continue reading

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(A LinkedIn Question) Video Killed The Radio Star… But Will It Save Print Media?

The true power of social media which of course includes social networking is the medium’s ability to disseminate and stimulate dialogue across a vast network both quickly and conveniently. Having just completed a series of posts and corresponding interviews with individuals such as Blog Talk Radio’s Director of Programming Philip Recchia and bestselling author Shel … Continue reading

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A Buy American Exemption: The Maine View with Candidate for Governor Matt Jacobson

“My vision is for Maine to compete and win in this new economy. We will build strong communities that attract jobs and families, providing choice and opportunity to our workers. We will create an economic climate in Maine that is world class and competitive with other states and the global economy. Maine can be a … Continue reading

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