The Social Network with a Social Conscience

As social media veterans and thought leaders have noted, the impact of emerging platforms such as the Twitters and Facebooks extends well beyond the ability to simply connect and exchange information about favorite movies and what someone had for dinner.

There is a growing realization within these mediums that social networks can be an instrument to make social contributions as demonstrated by the introduction of causes and charitable feature options.  However, does this spirit of social service translate into sustainable social change?  Specifically, is Facebook or LinkedIn capable of engaging and mobilizing its vast membership base into a collaborative and collective force for positive change through dynamic, and well informed conversational exchanges?  Do they have the capability of identifying and equipping champions of change with the needed flow of viable information and insight?   Are these even the sights to which these socially oriented leaders belong?

While examining these and well as other questions regarding the increasing influence of networks in terms of bringing social issues such as the recent Iran elections to light, today’s program will focus on one unique social network that creates sustainable traction through the combination of next generation technology and a commitment to be a positive force for change in the increasingly complex, global community.  This is the story of So Act.

So Act is the 60 Minutes of social networks . . . probing, assertive, informed and balanced.  To tell us how the network got there and of even greater importance where it is headed is So Act’s visionary heart and founder Greg Halpern.


About Greg:

For the past 20 years Greg and his family have been quietly, yet steadily working in the background building a life mission to get the planet on track by solving major world problems and leaving Earth in great shape so future generations will have a planet that is still here and worth inheriting.

Greg Halpern

Greg Halpern

The Halpern Family

The Halpern Family

In 1977, at the end of 641 mat wins and 37 in the street, Greg was a Gold medalist for the United States in world Judo Competition.

In 1978 he wrote a self help book on awareness aimed at the youth market.

In 1979, Greg developed a taste for both business and bi-partisan political initiatives.

In 1989 he met, and married Stella whom he refers to as the woman of his dreams, and not long after they had “three beautiful daughters.”

It was around this time that Greg’s awareness for the need to ensure a better future for his young family planted the seeds for what has now become the So Act Social Network.

Remember to use the On-Demand Player below to access the live broadcast “The Social Network with a Social Conscience” on November 18th, 2009 at 12:30 PM EDT:

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