In A Mother’s Words: Nadia Kajouji’s Mother to Talk About Her Daughter and the Serial Killer Responsible For Her Death

One of William Melchert-Dinkel’s victims was 18 year old Nadia Kajouji whose body washed up near the edge of the Rideau River behind St. Paul’s University more than 40 days after she was reported missing.

While the legal system debates the merits of bringing Melchert-Dinkel (to whom I have referred to as the Serial Suicide Killer in previous posts) to trial, based on his defense that his right to free speech has somehow been violated, I am inclined to share a similar sentiment to that of criminal profiler Pat Brown.

Specifically, as Pat – who is my guest this upcoming Wednesday evening at 10:00 PM EST would say, sometimes we pay far too much attention to these cowards who perpetrate such horrible crimes, and in the process overlook quite unintentionally the victims and their families.

In an effort to give a voice to Nadia and those who loved her dearly, we will be joined by her mother Deborah Chevalier during the first segment of our September 1st broadcast.

Deborah will share with us the story of her daughter and, her personal thoughts on Melchert-Dinkel and his upcoming trial in Minnesota.

While you can access our past coverage through the links below, for those who may be “tuning in” for the first time, Melchert-Dinkel has been charged in the deaths of both Nadia Kajouji (a Canadian citizen),  and 32 year old Mark Drybrough (a UK citizen) under a Minnesota law that makes illegal intentionally advising, encouraging or assisting another in taking the other’s own life.”

By his own admission, Melchert-Dinkel encouraged probably dozens of persons to commit suicide and characterized it as “the thrill of the chase.”

Portraying himself to vulnerable and emotionally ill people over the Internet as a young, female nurse, coaxing them to commit suicide and requesting that they allow him to watch them take their own lives via webcam, Melchert-Dinkel even convinced Drybrough to place the noose’s knot in a particular way so as to leave a distinguishing signature mark behind his left ear.

Remember to use the following link to tune in to both the Live and On-Demand broadcasts “Is The Internet A Safe Haven For Serial Killers?” which airs on Wednesday, September 1st at 10:00 PM EST across the Blog Talk Radio Network.

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