Young girl’s YouTube video talking about Melchert-Dinkel Suicides and Death is troubling on so many levels

The age of the young girl (who’s face we never see) talking in the videos about William Melchert-Dinkel and how he enticed Nadia Kajouji as well as others to take their lives while he watched, as well as death in general, is not known.

But listening to the obvious sweet innocence of her tender voice it is hard to imagine that she is any older than 13 or 14 years.

Right off the bat as I hear her gentle and youthful ramblings while filming the Fifth Estate television show’s screen on her computer’s monitor – which at one point displays a menacing picture of Melchert-Dinkel above the words Justice For Nadia, I cannot help but wonder why someone so young sits in a room with shades drawn discussing the horrors of an adult world that seems to have gone awry.

I have always been a champion for social media and social networking because of the access it provides to individuals who might not otherwise experience the world as it is happening.  Certainly I have at times questioned whether this increased access equates into a proportional increase in awareness and understanding but, I nonetheless applaud this ability to connect globally if not always intimately.

However, as I watched the videos that have only had a handful of views, I felt a somewhat somber turn in my stomach as I tried to decipher her apparent empathy in talking about suicide and why you shouldn’t do it (because it will make your parents sad she would say).

While she mentions a brief conversation with her father, who offers encouragement by suggesting that she focus her attention on happier things, it just doesn’t seem right for such a young girl to be sitting in a shaded room talking to the virtual void that is the Internet about matters that quite frankly should be the furthest from her mind.

At her age I was more concerned with sports, girls and one day in the very near future getting my driver’s license.  Suicide and even death were little more than vague concepts relegated to the dramas on the idiot box, warranting little if any of my attention.  Hence why I used the picture from the film American Graffiti.

Do not get me wrong as I do not for a moment think that she herself is contemplating doing herself harm.  If I thought otherwise, my first course of action would be to contact the authorities.  What is troubling as indicated above is the the fact that such a young person would even be compelled to talk about such a serious “adult topic.”

Here are the links to the two videos.  Please share your thoughts.

Video 1:I talk about suicide (if your thinking to commit suicide WATCH)

Video 2: Don’t be afraid of death


One Response to “Young girl’s YouTube video talking about Melchert-Dinkel Suicides and Death is troubling on so many levels”
  1. Here is the (unedited) reply to my comment from the young lady who made the above video:

    Me, myself, and I am very big about how people just die because they are depressed. I could go on and on about people wasting their presious lifes that the Lord gave us. But, they just end it. Just because somebody hurt their feelings. I agree, that i would be sad if someone said to me your short. But, i would be sad, but, i will never NEVER end my OWN life just because of one comment. There are a lot of stuff in this world that can make you feel good or bad, its just life.
    Since I was a little kid. The adults around me would call me big mouth because of all the chats i talked. I am very worried about people dying in this world because other people or them selves kill eachother or them.
    What im trying to say is. The reason i make videos that are more adulty i guess you can say. Is because i have intrest, faith, and hope that the world will stop killing eachother because of revvenge, depression, and just no appprent reason.
    That is why i make videos about these topics. To help. I belive that this world CAN be a better place starting from one person. A kid, adult, teen, or an elder.

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