Melchert-Dinkel’s Reference to “Legal Murder” Hints at the Existence of a Predator Network

In what I can only describe as an ominously foreboding awakening of dread, I received the following excerpt from a November 2006 William Melchert-Dinkel e-mail detailing his specific reference to what he termed as “legal murder.”

In referencing “people” who encourage depressed individuals to commit suicide, the Serial Suicide Killer wrote that “it is their ‘victory, in other words….legal murder.”

The fact that Melchert-Dinkel, who we know at the time was himself engaging in the very activity of the people to which he had referenced in his e-mail, would intimate that there are others out there like him should indeed send a collective shiver throughout society as a whole.

And as Judge Richard Posner argued in his book “Not a Suicide Pact: The Constitution in a Time of National Emergency,” that in facing terrorism and the threat of WMDs, the scope of constitutional rights must be “adjusted in a pragmatic but rational manner,” similar consideration needs to be given to the Melchert-Dinkel’s and those that comprise his terrorist cell.

While some may consider the reference to these predators as being a terrorist cell overly dramatic bordering perhaps on the extreme, when you consider the insidious manner in which a Melchert-Dinkel seeps into the supposed safety of the homes and lives of by his own admission dozens of people, usually when they are at their most vulnerable, the threat is no less real and widespread.

Through this lens, even if you were to discount the terrorist cell comparison, lawmakers would be ill-advised to simply view this as an isolated incident in which a single individual’s rights are purportedly at stake.

In this regard, decisions such as the one made by Craigslist this weekend to “surrender” its legal fight over erotic ads posted on its website by “shutting down its adult services section Saturday and replacing it with a black bar that simply says censored,” is worth noting.

In his prosecution of Melchert-Dinkel, perhaps Rice County Attorney G. Paul Beaumaster should follow the same aggressive lead of the Attorney Generals involved with the Craigslist investigation, whose position that “there weren’t enough protections against blocking potentially illegal ads promoting prostitution” was likely the main reason the online classified community made the decision to pull the plug on its adult services?

G. Paul Beaumaster

One thing is for certain, if there are indeed other William Melchert-Dinkels out there, this is likely just the tip of the proverbial iceberg of what will ultimately be exposed as a social network of predators and serial killers who are adept at leveraging the latest and greatest technology to destroy lives.

In this regard, the State of Minnesota v. William Francis Melchert-Dinkel, Prosecutor File No. A-10-0136 filed on April 23rd, 2010 will either stem the tide of murder by suicide or open the flood gates to a Pandora’s box that will not be easy to close down the road.

If the world isn’t watching, it should be!


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