Why my friend Josh from New Jersey would be an ideal candidate for the Yahoo CEO position

No doubt you have read the many stories and references I have made in various posts concerning my friend Josh from New Jersey. Partly the inspiration for my popular Ahhhh . . . If only I were the Old Spice Guy! . . . okay THE inspiration, Josh’s story is an interesting one in that originally hailing from … Continue reading

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Wayne Crookes’ lawsuits disconcerting and perhaps even frivolous, but are they a necessary exercise in the establishment of Internet accountability?

When I read about the lawsuits that were brought against several bloggers by Wayne Crookes for simply providing a link to major Internet sites such as Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia and MySpace, sites that Mr. Crookes contends defamed his character, I must admit that I immediately thought of the Jerky Boyz’ Sol Rosenberg.  As part of … Continue reading

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