The Serial Suicide Killer Melchert-Dinkel appeals his conviction (Part 1)

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William Melchert-Dinkel was found guilty last year of aiding the suicides of a British man and Canadian woman. His attorney is asking the Minnesota Court of Appeals to overturn the conviction on free speech grounds, arguing the victims had already decided to commit suicide. Within his defense attorney’s own words rests the possible basis for … Continue reading

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The Verdict Is In! Melchert-Dinkel Is Guilty . . . For Now.

William Melchert-Dinkel Verdict Headline

However, the law is not based solely on society’s moral sensibilities (although it should reflect them).  Nor for that matter, has Melchert-Dinkel lawyer Watkin’s claimed that his client’s actions were morally honorable.  The issue at hand is whether or not his client had the right to write what he did in the chat rooms, regardless … Continue reading

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Arguments surrounding the Melchert-Dinkel trial may be lengthy but the underlining focus is the assignment of blame

The following are the official court documents with corresponding summarized positions by both the prosecution and the defense in the bench trial of Serial Suicide Killer William Melchert-Dinkel. While you will not likely be inclined to review the documents in their entirety – especially the 100 page defense submission by Melchert-Dinkel lawyer Terry Watkins, the … Continue reading

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Young girl’s YouTube video talking about Melchert-Dinkel Suicides and Death is troubling on so many levels

American Graffiti3

The age of the young girl (who’s face we never see) talking in the videos about William Melchert-Dinkel and how he enticed Nadia Kajouji as well as others to take their lives while he watched, as well as death in general, is not known. But listening to the obvious sweet innocence of her tender voice … Continue reading

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Melchert-Dinkel Defense Attorney is Earning His Pay with Lothenbach Plea


What is The Lothenbach Plea? Basically, it is where a defendant does not challenge the facts of a case and therefore allows them to be submitted to a judge without contention for adjudication.  Based on said submission the judge will review, and then decide or render a verdict. Here’s the thing, even if the judge … Continue reading

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Melchert-Dinkel removes the wild card factor from trial by opting for judge over jury

Order in the courtroom

Jury trials are like “riding a ship into a storm,” because they are much less predictable than bench trials. French criminal lawyer, university professor and politician Robert Badniter William Melchert-Dinkel’s decision to choose a judge to determine his guilt or innocence (otherwise know as a bench trial), over having his case heard before a jury of his … Continue reading

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A Plea for Justice in the Melchert-Dinkel Case?

“[t]he process whereby the ACCUSED and the PROSECUTOR in a criminal case work out a mutually satisfactory DISPOSITION of the case subject to court approval. It usually involves the defendant’s pleading guilty to a lesser offense or to only one or some of the counts of a multi-count INDICTMENT in return for a lighter sentence than … Continue reading

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Are the differences between a right to die choice and a victim of murder too subtle for the courts to differentiate between the two?

right to die

“The cases highlight the confusion surrounding the legal tests for murder, assisted suicide and euthanasia. Campaigners argue there should be clear guidance on how prosecutors should respond to cases where a competent adult requests help to die, and where relatives inflict death without the clear wishes of their loved ones. “The law needs to protect … Continue reading

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Don’t Say A Word: By Their Silence Are Psychiatrists, Police and the Newspapers Responsible for Helping to Create the Suicide Chat Rooms Frequented by Predators like Melchert-Dinkel?

Psychiatrists, police and editors cite the contagion effect as the principal reason to not report suicides. The theory is that extensive coverage of one suicide triggers other suicides, spreading like a virus. After Goethe’s The Sorrows of Young Werther, a novel about a man who shoots himself over a doomed love affair, came out in … Continue reading

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A “Shattered Family” – Melchert-Dinkel’s Forgotten Victims?

Thank you for putting into words what I believe to be so true. He lives in the town I live in and it is a disgrace. My children went to school with his kids and they are paying for it. I hope the best for the kids. He needs to be in prison. He is … Continue reading

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