Acclaimed author and healthcare expert RE Warm Buddy recall: What’s next, my Hershey candy bar with almonds?

The Warm Buddy story continues to gain momentum as individuals from both the natural health and mainstream health product industry give a collective . . . HUH? Jeff Knott, who is the author of the seminal healthcare guide for everyday people “Navigating The HealthCare Maze,” threw his hat into the proverbial ring of opinion when … Continue reading

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Call to Health Canada does little to clarify or substantiate agency’s position on The Warm Buddy Company product

Looking to see if I could gain a better handle on the reasons for The Warm Buddy recall by Health Canada, I assumed the mantle of everyday citizen and called into the Agency indicating that I was contemplating the use of a rice-based product (in this case a simple tube sock), and to inquire if … Continue reading

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Cocaine, Marijuana and . . . Rice?! What’s Next Frozen Peas?

I have to admit right off the bat that when NHPPA President Shawn Buckley related the current case  of The Warm Buddy Company which appears to be on a collision course with Health Canada over everyday table rice, my initial reaction was that there had to be more to the story. After all, table rice … Continue reading

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