Women in Business Series: Persuasion, Influence and Authenticity – Are Women More Genuine Than Men?

Editor’s Note: The following is a reprint of a post from Roz Usheroff’s The Remarkable Leader blog.  Given your response to my post Gender issues in buyer-seller relationships: does gender matter in purchasing?, I thought that you might find this to be an interesting read. In his book titled “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion” Dr. Robert … Continue reading

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While companies are focusing on potential security risks associated with mobile e-mail access there is a much greater issue . . . proper business protocol

NOTE: The following post is from today’s Remarkable Leader Blog by Roz Usheroff. Email is valuable, if only because so many of us have the habit of being indiscrete both in form and style. Rather than letting corporate secrets out the bag, I suspect that email management and security is more to do with ensuring … Continue reading

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Does your office have a Creed Bratton? Ours Does!

The following post is from the new The Remarkable Leader Blog by renown Leadership, Image, Etiquette and Branding Specialist Roz Usheroff. “Creed Bratton has a very dark side to him. His resourcefulness and duplicity are his defining traits along with his at times bizarre behavior and ignorance of the modern world. In the episode “Take Your Daughter … Continue reading

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