Why I Like Blog Talk Radio: Reason No. 152

Leveraging social media tools (including the PI Window on Business Show on Blog Talk Radio), in conjunction with other mediums such as social networks produces results . . . here is what one client had to say: “On Monday and Tuesday we are seeing a spike to 150-170 people. I think that is a combination … Continue reading

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If you don’t like what’s on TV create your own show: Accessible Media for the Masses!

In December 2010 I conducted an interview with Colin Cram on the new PI Inquisitive Eye TV Channel regarding the monumental announcement that the UK Government was moving away from engaging large IT suppliers, choosing instead to pursue direct relationships with small to medium-sized vendors. Besides the main event interview with Cram, there are corresponding … Continue reading

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The PI Social Media Network Introduces 2 Exciting New TV Channels

On-air Host of the PI Window on Business Show, writer and author Jon Hansen talks about the latest additions to the growing PI Social Media Network Family; The PI Inquisitive Eye and TV2 Young Entrepreneurs TV Channels. The PI Social Media Network Family includes: Procurement Insights We live in a Knowledge-based World! Without a doubt … Continue reading

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