Special Book Excerpt: Chapter 2 – Societal Mores and the Emergence of the Modern Day Police Force

Note: The following is part of the series of full chapter excerpts from my latest book, a collaborative effort with television’s Cop Doc, Dr. Richard Weinblatt, Tasers, Abortions and Parenting: Behind the Curtain of Policing America. Click on the title to obtain your copy of the complete book today. Also visit Jon’s Reading Room  for … Continue reading

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Forrest Gump’s Chocolates: Confessions of a Social Media Renaissance Man

I am certain that if my work had been the subject of speculation on the old game show What’s My Line, many a celebrity panelist would have been frustrated to the point of total exasperation.  At least in terms of the topics about which I write on a regular basis. Why you may ask?  Well … Continue reading

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Tasers, Abortions and Parenting: Behind the Curtain of Policing America Controversial, Thought-Provoking and Even Disturbing

Well I am happy to say that my and Dr. Richard Weinblatt’s book is finally released through a special Publisher’s Advanced eBook version and we think that you will be very pleased. To start, we discuss some of the today’s most controversial topics that have in many instances dominated the headlines including the serial suicide Killer William Melchert-Dinkel’s … Continue reading

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