Don’t Say A Word: By Their Silence Are Psychiatrists, Police and the Newspapers Responsible for Helping to Create the Suicide Chat Rooms Frequented by Predators like Melchert-Dinkel?

Psychiatrists, police and editors cite the contagion effect as the principal reason to not report suicides. The theory is that extensive coverage of one suicide triggers other suicides, spreading like a virus. After Goethe’s The Sorrows of Young Werther, a novel about a man who shoots himself over a doomed love affair, came out in … Continue reading

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Is Suicide Really Painless on the Internet . . .

“But in the meantime I want to warn youngsters about the possible dangers these websites can pose. “I would also like to warn parents to be actively on the alert for signs of their children being influenced by others on these sites.” Coroner Phillip Walters, from January 2008 Mail Online Story “Coroner launches probe into … Continue reading

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