Live Event Feed: Monetizing Social Media (ConFoo Conference, Montreal)

In a recent PI Window on Business broadcast I talked about the differences between traditional media and the emerging world of social media in terms of having a sustainable revenue model. Specifically, can the popularity of social media be practically monetized to the same level that traditional media such as television, print and radio had … Continue reading

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Medical journal Lancet fully retracts 1998 study linking MMR vaccine to autism

On the opposite side of the debate, is a September 2008 post from the lbrb autism news science and opinion blog which references author Arthur Allen’s recounting of a tragic story in which the failure to immunize resulted in permanent lung damage for a new born who contracted whooping cough during the last trimester of … Continue reading

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Can Twitter Make Money? is the Subject of My Next Conference in Montreal

Part of my activities surrounding the release of my two new books on social media and social networking respectively, (the latest being “What Are You Waiting For? So Act Already?“) will take me to the 2010 ConFoo Web Techno Conference in Montreal, Canada. The conference, which runs from March 10th to 12th, will be held … Continue reading

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So Act Network – William Shatner – Movie and Television Star – Celebrity and Expert Endorsement Program

This is an exciting video as it focuses on one of the key elements of what makes the So Act network unique. My new book, “What Are You Waiting For? So Act Already! (The Unsociable Business of Social Networks And Why The So Act Social Network Will Change The World)” delves deep into the So … Continue reading

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Growing List of Celebrity Endorsements Speak to the So Act Visionary Reach

As you know, this past week I released my newest book “What Are You Waiting For? So Act Already! (The Unsociable Business of Social Networks And Why The So Act Social Network Will Change The World).” Accompanying the release of any new book is of course a variety of promotional activities including interviews.  As a … Continue reading

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What Are You Waiting For? So Act Already!

My second book titled “What Are You Waiting For? So Act Already! (The Unsociable Business of Social Networks And Why The So Act Social Network Will Change the World)” was officially released in eBook version today. The paperback edition, which will also be available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble in March, will be released … Continue reading

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Book Excerpt: What Are You Waiting For? (So Act Already)

As the release date for my new book in which I examine “The Unsociable Business of Social Networks” through the vantage point of the So Act Network quickly approaches, I thought that I would provide you with a brief excerpt from Chapter 5 titled “The Company You Keep . . .” Once again, the book … Continue reading

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PI Syndicated Ping: CNN Money Announcement on So Act Agreement with Venture Point

So Act Announces Investor Network Agreement With Venture Point – my new book on So Act will be out in February. ( Book Excerpt Interactive Viewer: In the meantime, check out my November 18th PI Window on Business interview with So Act founder Greg Halpern through the On-Demand Player below: 30

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So Act Already! The Unsociable Business of Social Networks (Excerpt from My 2nd Book Now Available)

No sooner had the ink dried on the last sentence of the final page of my first book “Your Show Will Go Live in 5 Seconds,” and I was already on to my second project. While I certainly did not have plans to start a second book so soon after the first, when I was … Continue reading

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The Social Network with a Social Conscience

As social media veterans and thought leaders have noted, the impact of emerging platforms such as the Twitters and Facebooks extends well beyond the ability to simply connect and exchange information about favorite movies and what someone had for dinner. There is a growing realization within these mediums that social networks can be an instrument … Continue reading

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