Multi-denominational panel convenes to discuss the Muslim prayer controversy at Valley Park Middle School

As indicated in yesterday’s post , I have expended a great deal of electronic ink covering the continuing controversy surrounding the Muslim movement as some have called it, regarding flashpoint crisises ranging from the building of the Ground Zero Mosque to fearful warnings of a global assimilation. Yet despite these newer developments the long standing … Continue reading

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Is Valley Park Middle School Canada’s Ground Zero Mosque?

The Jewish Defence League of Canada, along with the Canadian Hindu Advocacy and the Christian Heritage Party, told a news conference they will protest the controversial prayer sessions next Monday. from the July 18th, 2011 Canadian Press article Groups plan protest over Muslim prayers being allowed in Toronto school As you know, I have expended … Continue reading

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First prayer, then standing up to a bully and now . . . a kindergartner suspended for crying?! What is wrong with our schools!

While I can still recall my Kindergarten teacher locking a fellow student  in a dark closet for talking too much in class, one would have been reasonable to assume that we now live in an age of greater enlightenment where draconian practices such as this have given way to greater understanding and patience. As it … Continue reading

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