The SEC Hard at Work: It Wasn’t Greed That Did In Wall Street, It Was Porn!?!

Okay, if you live long enough, you get to see and experience almost everything that life can throw at you.  Or to take a line from the movie A League of Their Own; I’ve seen enough to know that I have seen too much! In yesterday’s CNBC e-mail alert it was reported that “A former … Continue reading

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Why does Dame Edna’s picture appear in an article about Madoff’s Austrian banking connection?

I was shocked to see a picture of Dame Edna in an article about Bernard L. Madoff’s accomplice who played a key role in the $19.6 Billion Ponzi scheme.  I mean this is the first I have heard of the glorious British Dame and famous socialite/talk show host being involved. To begin, what evidence do … Continue reading

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