The “you just proved that bench advertising works” axiom doesn’t when it comes to cigarette package warning labels

Nothing like pictures of rotting teeth or blackened lungs to put a damper on a sunny day.  Let alone the fact that such images, even though scientifically and medically proven to be true, is a violation of free speech!  At least this is what five of the six major tobacco companies are claiming as they … Continue reading

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Can The Health Care Industry Be Trusted? Tune in and tell us what you think?

Not wanting to pick on GlaxoSmithKline but, a little more than a month later, the pharmaceutical giant announced that it would pay $750 million to settle both criminal and civil suits surrounding it’s sale of an antidepressant which it knew was little more than a placebo, as well as tainted baby ointment.  First of all, … Continue reading

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Complexity of Issues Regarding the Regulation of the Natural Health Product Industry Likely Tied to Basic Issues

This Wednesday’s segment of the PI Window on Business “Doing What Comes Naturally: Are Natural Health Products Being Held to a Higher Standard,” in which I interview NHPPA President Shawn Buckley regarding the controversial Bill C-6 that poses two potential threats to the industry’s survival in Canada, promises to be one of the most thought … Continue reading

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