Has Atlas Shrugged? (Part 1): Does the government’s decision to drop their controversial plan to block websites that infringe on copyright laws mark the end of creativity as we know it?

Controversial plans to block websites that infringe on copyright laws have been dropped by the government after advice from Ofcom . . . the measure has been scrapped on the grounds that it was ‘unworkable’, the government said in its response to the Hargreaves Review, a recent report on intellectual property rules. from today’s Huffington … Continue reading

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Local Television: A Question of Relevance in a Changing World

Like the once great pitcher whose fastball has lost some of its speed, or the boxer whose timing is a second or two slower than it once was, local television is also out of step with a world that is now dominated by citizen journalism and fast-paced individually driven social media venues. I am of … Continue reading

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