Who’s right about Occupy Wall Street . . . Cenk Uygur or Adam Carolla?

As these two media heavyweights entered the ring of contention over the Occupy Wall Street movement with Cenk clearly coming down on the OWS side of the debate and Adam . . . well, Adam is calling it as he sees it, what is the real story? Having interviewed Cenk on the PI Window regarding … Continue reading

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According to 24/7 Wall Street we will be saying goodbye to these ten familiar brands in 2012 . . . Here are my choices of brands that should be getting the boot!

I love this time of year for many reasons . . . decorating the tree, turkey with stuffing, the smiling faces of anticipation of our 4 kids on Christmas Eve . . . and the fact that as the holiday season fast approaches we all tend to dawn our prognosticative hats in an effort to … Continue reading

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Celebrity CEO Series: David Walsh – Building the Ubiquitous Bre-X Brand

But here’s the thing, besides the fact that Lefkofsky as the Times article pointed out, has a checkered entrepreneurial past involving what appears to be slight of hand dealings coupled with the apparent blind eye of the firms involved with the underwriting process, it is becoming abundantly clear that Groupon is about as golden as Bre-X. … Continue reading

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