How Facebook May Be Violating Your First Amendment Rights (Part 1)

Facebook 1st Rights Post

Picture this scenario . . . Within your main Facebook comment stream a current and contentious event is brought to light by many people. It appears that the vast majority are advocating or supporting a particular position. Based on your extensive research you find that all may not be as it appears in terms of … Continue reading

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Who is linking back in to your blog . . . The power of the Three C’s of social media success

context pi banner images

Back in November my post “The Three Cs of Social Media Success . . . and it is absolutely FREE with no strings attached!” introduced the Content – Context – Contact model for social media success. For those who may have missed the original post, here is a quick review of what I mean when I … Continue reading

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Payette Report on establishing a class hierarchy for journalists in Quebec out of touch with the real (virtual) world

Journalist Hat with Press tag

Stories such as the one involving the report that was released earlier this year by former CBC Journalist Dominique Payette are at once both exciting and exasperating at the same time. hierarchy Exciting in that Payette’s recommendations reflect just how much the former journalist is out of touch with the real-world as it relates to … Continue reading

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From the impact on the automotive industry to the near-term pricing and margin pressure considerations of the high tech sector, coverage of the Japan disaster has been a mixed bag of targeted relevancy

“The problem is that there’s so much uncertainty,” Mr. Toprak said. “The supply-chain problem is a much more dramatic one than what the automakers are portraying. Even if they were able to come online in two weeks, which I think is wishful thinking, there’s a couple hundred thousand units to make up already, and nobody … Continue reading

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Would you pay for content? The New York Times thinks that you will!

Article Update: When I wrote this post regarding the death of print newspapers the Wall Street Journal scandal obviously was not widely known at the time. So here is the question, is the WSJ fiasco of buying their own papers through third-party companies the final nail in the newsprint industry’s coffin? The New York Times is … Continue reading

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Avandia Scandal Could Almost Turn a Republican Into a Democrat

As I put pen to paper (sorry my age is showing) . . . keystroke to screen, regarding the recent buzz surrounding the FDA’s decision to restrict access to the controversial diabetes drug Avandia, I inadvertently found myself on the liberal side of the street relative to growing suspicion and cynicism about motives in the … Continue reading

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