Celebrity CEO Series: Michael Cowpland Where Are You?

Matthews went on to found Newbridge Networks. Cowpland founded Cowpland Research Laboratory (soon Corel) in Ottawa in 1985. At first the company sold DTP workstations, but success did not arrive until the launch of the graphics software, CorelDraw in 1989. He offered a challenge to Microsoft with a move into productivity software, acquired WordPerfect from … Continue reading

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2002 article heralding the “End of the affair for celebrity CEOs” a telling tale of what was most troubling with the dot com craze: but where are these intrepid “profits of prosperity” now?

Like the most wanted posters that used to adorn the local post offices across the country, the pictures of once heralded CEOs gracing the cover of countless business magazines such as Business Week, Forbes and Time seems a fitting epitaph to a bygone era when vapor and the promise of riches trumped sound business principles … Continue reading

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