What do You, Michael Jordan and Donald Trump have in common . . . more than you may think! (Developing your inherent brand’s adjunct revenue streams – Part 1)

Being singularly focused and firmly committed to achieving success in a specific area relating to your Unique Ability has always been a sign of a true winner. When you look at champions in the world of sport such as Michael Jordan or business such as Donald Trump, there is no doubt that they have risen … Continue reading

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A quick overview of the keys to being a successful ghostwriter

Even though I have published more than 2,500 articles and blog posts over the years, as well as authored three books under my own name, I have derived the greatest level of personal satisfaction from the writing I have done for others. So when I was recently asked what are the most important attributes of … Continue reading

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Who really owns your Twitter followers?

If you haven’t heard of the case of the writer who was sued by his former employer over the ownership of the company’s Twitter account followers, then you are in for an eye opening read. If you have been following the case between Noah Kravitz and PhoneDog, read on anyway because this might provide a … Continue reading

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