Syndicated PI Ping (We Interrupt This Broadcast) The Scheduled Segment for the July 28th Show Has Been Changed

We interrupt this broadcast:  Our scheduled interview with Libby Gill has been  postponed to enable us to respond to the growing controversy between LinkedIn and it Power Connectors. LinkedIn’s policies seems to be a topic that is gaining considerable traction in social media circles for a variety of reasons including what the network’s Power Connectors … Continue reading

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Libby Gill Speaker Preview (July 28th PI Window On Business)

Everyone gets stuck; it’s part of the human condition.  Maybe you’re stuck in you career , finances, health, or relationships; or maybe life dealt you a blow like a layoff or divorce.  So, what are you going to do about it? Executive coach and best-selling author, Libby Gill, who Dr. Phil has said “is one … Continue reading

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