What do You, Michael Jordan and Donald Trump have in common . . . more than you may think! (Developing your inherent brand’s adjunct revenue streams – Part 1)

Being singularly focused and firmly committed to achieving success in a specific area relating to your Unique Ability has always been a sign of a true winner. When you look at champions in the world of sport such as Michael Jordan or business such as Donald Trump, there is no doubt that they have risen … Continue reading

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Kickstarting the music industry: How Chuck Negron is making fans part of the process by Jon Hansen

Crowd Funding . . . social networking . . . Kickstarter are not necessarily part of the lexicon of most music fans who, with a wistful smile, recall the great times associated with listening to Chuck Negron and his Three Dog Night mates taking turns singing lead on such memorable hits as Joy To the … Continue reading

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