U.S. 9/11 terrorist attack warrants $18 million for G20 security, London subway attack $30 million and Canadian vandalism of local bank branch $1 billion . . . must be the exchange rate?

I must admit that after viewing the video of the recent firebombing of a Royal Bank branch in Ottawa,  I initially had reservations about writing what I felt in my gut was not an act of true terrorism but what had every appearance of being an act of vandalism by disenfranchised neighborhood youths . While … Continue reading

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Profiling The Terrorist: What Was Really Behind The May 18th Royal Bank Bombing in Ottawa?

I have to admit that the first thought that hit me relative to the recent FFFC bombing of the Royal Bank branch at the corner of First and Bank in Ottawa, which when I resided in the city was only a few short blocks away from my house, was why that particular location? Granted, The … Continue reading

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