Is Anybody Watching? With YouTube Analytics it’s not a question about the number of views but viewer retention

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Do you post videos to YouTube? I have to tell you that the “Analytics” tools on YouTube are amazing! If you post videos they are a must as they take you well beyond the basic “views” and “likes” numbers.  If you want to know for example if your message is getting out there, pay particular … Continue reading

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Bullying is not just a schoolyard problem . . .


According to the 5 time bestselling author, who’s latest book “Your Kids Are Your Own Fault” Larry Winget, little schoolyard bullies often grow up to be be big, workplace bullies. While Larry, who was a member of our guest panel (which also included criminal profiler Pat Brown and think Like A Black Belt’s Jim Bouchard), … Continue reading

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PI Window on Blog Talk Radio – New 2011 Fall Schedule


The New 2011 Fall Schedule for the PI Window on Blog Talk Radio has been finalized, and I would like to invite you to tune into a great line-up of regularly scheduled shows including our new Buckingham This Week! and Off The Cuff: An Intimate Conversation With . . . segments. Throughout the year we … Continue reading

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Get on board with the hottest new radio show . . .

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National issues with a regional focus it’s Buckingham This Week! As a featured host on Blog Talk Radio I have had the privilege of  interviewing some of the most amazing people from the world of politics, business and entertainment. Reaching a collective audience of more than 2 million people each month worldwide through my shows … Continue reading

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49th Parallel Co-Host’s Question Asking Where Have All the Muslims Gone Poignant on Many Levels

In his post in the 49th Parallel Forum’s Blog (Where Have All the Muslims Gone?), my co-host from the south Jim Bouchard, poses a very interesting question on many levels. While I will leave it to you to read Jim’s text in its entirety, the absence of a response from the Muslim community is on its … Continue reading

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Did a wrong decision in 1952 put America on the wrong side in 1979 . . .

The whole theme behind my posts and commentary leading up to the Wednesday, February 23rd 49th Parallel Forum show “Were the wheels for 9/11 put in motion back in 1952?,” can best be summed up in two words: Unintended Consequences! The fact is that in 1952 under the code name Operation Ajax and, at the … Continue reading

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Wilson’s Memoir on His Battle With Bipolar Both Inspirational and Revealing

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As a guest on the PI Window on Business Professor Eric Wilson has tackled the difficult subject of depression and the problems caused by the pharmaceutical industry’s propensity to illegally promote off-label use of anti-psychotic drugs – often times with devastating consequences.  (Note: In my December 13th, 2009 post titled “Antipsychotic Prescriptions . . . … Continue reading

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Coming in January 2011 The 49th Parallel Forum . . . Enter If You Dare!

  The 49th Parallel Forum is a 60 Minute Show on the Blog Talk Radio Network that will tackle head on the most thought-provoking and controversial topics of the day in which a viewpoint from an American perspective and a viewpoint from a Canadian perspective will be debated with A List guests from the world … Continue reading

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A Canadian’s View of American Politics

These past two months I have had the privilege of traveling to foreign destinations both physically as well as virtually.  Beside giving keynote addresses in London and Sweden, I was also invited to participate in a Roundtable discussion regarding the release of Sir Philip Green’s Review of the UK Government’s purchasing policies and practices. As … Continue reading

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The Face of Bullying in America: What To Do If Your Child Becomes The Target of a Bully

Bullying can take on many forms including physical, emotional and verbal elements where there is a real or perceived “imbalance of power with the more powerful individual or group,” abusing those who are “less powerful.” This can occur at multiple levels of societal interaction including the home, work or within entire neighborhoods.  It even occurs … Continue reading

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