Women in America: Enlightening Womens’ Minds, and Empowering Womens’ Hearts

As women’s history month launches, the White House published a new report — We’ve got a ways to go, baby.  “At all levels of education, women earned about 75 percent of what their male counterparts earned in 2009…women are more likely to be in poverty than men….economic inequities …more acute for women of color.” How … Continue reading

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Women on Success Profile: Jennifer Allan

As part of our “Women on Success” Specials, I have been featuring each member of our two discussion panels.  Today, I am pleased to introduce you to author Jennifer Allan. Remember that our segments air on June 23rd at 10:00 AM EST and 12:00 PM EST, during which time I will be talking with Jennifer … Continue reading

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You Say Tomatoe, I Say Tomtato: Comparing Men’s and Women’s Definition of Success

“Are the differences observed between men and women in business and corporate world a function of biological and psychological differences between the genders or are they mostly a function of cultural learning and cultural definition of gender roles?  The author, using data collected on how men and women define success and the source of such … Continue reading

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Thought Leaders Series Expands with Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Matt Jacobson, Self-Publishing Veteran Sherrie Wilkolaski and Public Sector Purchasing Expert Judy Bradt

The term “thought leader” was coined in 1994, by Joel Kurtzman, editor-in-chief of the magazine, Strategy & Business, and was used to designate interview subjects for that magazine who had contributed new thoughts to business. When we launched the new Business Thought Leaders Series on the PI Window on Business in February, with segments featuring … Continue reading

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The Reluctant Prospector: Overcoming Call Reluctance in the Age of Social Networking

A Reluctant Prospector is someone who owns a small business and loves what he (or she) does… but hates the idea of self-promotion.  He’d be happy as a clam if he could just DO what he DOES all day long and not have to worry about where his next client or customer is coming from.  … Continue reading

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The Sincere Introvert: Sincerity and Vulnerability in the Age of Personal Branding

As host of the PI Window on Business Show, I have had the opportunity to speak with The Twittering Granny, Canada’s Trade Minister, Maine’s gubernatorial candidate Matt Jacobson, bestselling authors too numerous to list and industry thought leaders. Suffice to say each one provided invaluable knowledge, insight and great entertainment for all of us. However, … Continue reading

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