Payette Report on establishing a class hierarchy for journalists in Quebec out of touch with the real (virtual) world

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Stories such as the one involving the report that was released earlier this year by former CBC Journalist Dominique Payette are at once both exciting and exasperating at the same time. hierarchy Exciting in that Payette’s recommendations reflect just how much the former journalist is out of touch with the real-world as it relates to … Continue reading

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Would you pay for content? The New York Times thinks that you will!

Article Update: When I wrote this post regarding the death of print newspapers the Wall Street Journal scandal obviously was not widely known at the time. So here is the question, is the WSJ fiasco of buying their own papers through third-party companies the final nail in the newsprint industry’s coffin? The New York Times is … Continue reading

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Pew Survey indicates that blogging has lost its lustre, but do you agree?

Earlier this week I received an e-mail from a fellow host on the Blog Talk Radio Network in which the link to a February 21st article in the Music Industry News Network titled “Social Media and Young Adults” was included. The article made reference to “Two Pew Internet Project surveys,” that revealed a noticeable “decline … Continue reading

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If Traditional Media is Dead, Where Does That Leave Social Media’s Current Professionals?

As I continue to contemplate the rapidly developing story regarding the death of traditional media, and the growing urgency for social media to come up with a viable revenue model, I could not help but once again draw a similar parallel with professional football. Even though my writing to a certain extent has its elemental … Continue reading

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Death of Print Newspapers in 5 Years (J. William Grimes)

Newspaper, magazine and broadcast media continue to lose audience and revenues to new forms of content that sprout up daily in digital forms. With a 45-year career in the media industry, Grimes will highlight important industry trends, examine changing business models, and talk about social, environmental and economic impacts of the changing media landscape. from … Continue reading

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