Being named one of Blog Talk Radio’s top hosts an unexpected honor

JWH BTR Banner Host Card

When I aired my first show on Blog Talk Radio back on March 26th, 2009 I would have never imagined that I would one day pass the 650 episode mark, let alone be selected as one of the Network’s Top 300 hosts. With 15,000 hosts airing a mind boggling number of shows every day, it … Continue reading

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3 years to the date I first took to the virtual airwaves of Blog Talk Radio . . . boy does time really fly!

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It is amazing at how quickly time flies . . . 3 years ago today I aired my very first episode on Blog Talk Radio . . . Closing in on my 500th show, I have a many memories upon which to reflect having had the great privilege of sharing the virtual airwaves with some … Continue reading

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eWorld Keynote delivered to 400 by remote Internet feed a hit with the audience

eWorld-Side by Side Shot

One thing is for certain, the dynamics of conferences have been unalterably changed with the advent of the Internet and more specifically the emergence of social media tools that enable you to connect anywhere in the world, at any time and in a manner that is both engaging and effective. Nowhere was this capability better … Continue reading

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Why I Like Blog Talk Radio: Reason No. 152

Leveraging social media tools (including the PI Window on Business Show on Blog Talk Radio), in conjunction with other mediums such as social networks produces results . . . here is what one client had to say: “On Monday and Tuesday we are seeing a spike to 150-170 people. I think that is a combination … Continue reading

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Questions from a radio broadcast student regarding Internet Radio

Talk Radio Images1

. . . because of my interest in BlogTalkRadio I was looking for a book about the subject and found your book, Your Show Will Go Live in 5 Seconds . . . Anyway, I am inspired by your story and how you seem to be living your passions. The online radio format fascinates me … Continue reading

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Social Media (The Power of Conversational Marketing)

In Social Media, are you part of the conversation or are you just broadcasting? The following Presentation, which is being delivered for the first time in Stockholm, Sweden in early October will highlight the differences between the two and what it means to your business. The session will also delve into the tremendous reach of … Continue reading

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You Do Not have to pay thousands of dollars to get your own radio show!

The other day in a LinkedIn Group the following question was posted; “Did you know you can host your own Radio Show on KFNX? If you want to know how, just ask.” With the advent of Internet Radio opportunities to host your own show are being presented with increasing frequency.  The problem . . . … Continue reading

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Local Television: A Question of Relevance in a Changing World

TV in trouble2

Like the once great pitcher whose fastball has lost some of its speed, or the boxer whose timing is a second or two slower than it once was, local television is also out of step with a world that is now dominated by citizen journalism and fast-paced individually driven social media venues. I am of … Continue reading

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