A subtle, perhaps unintended parting shot at departed star Charlie Sheen?

Besides such classics as In The Thick of It (see the previous post from today), Arrested Development, Fawlty Towers and Greg The Bunny, I count amongst my favourite comedies Two And A Half Men.  I know some of you may point to other series such as for example MASH, which while technically a comedy tackled serious social … Continue reading

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Bullying is not just a schoolyard problem . . .

According to the 5 time bestselling author, who’s latest book “Your Kids Are Your Own Fault” Larry Winget, little schoolyard bullies often grow up to be be big, workplace bullies. While Larry, who was a member of our guest panel (which also included criminal profiler Pat Brown and think Like A Black Belt’s Jim Bouchard), … Continue reading

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In The Thick of It is British Television (and Politics) at its Very Best!

Not unexpectedly, when I traveled to London this past week to give a lecture on the economic impact of supply chain globalization, as well as broadcast several of the key sessions from eWorld 2010, I made a point of picking-up a few mementos of the trip.  The usual things actually, including stuffed pillows with cute … Continue reading

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