Next week’s line-up of shows features interviews with execs from IBM and Xchanging by Jon Hansen

While the world of procurement is never boring, some week’s have an added pop to them in that you get an opportunity to cover two of the hottest stories that are trending at a particular moment in time. On Tuesday, May 14th at 12:00 Noon EST, I will be airing my interview with Alisa Maclin, … Continue reading

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Why does the press always confuse malfeasance with incompetence?

There are many reasons why I love talking with my friends from the world of traditional media who call me on occasion to provide feedback regarding the ongoing machinations associated with public sector procurement policy and practice within the Canadian Government (GoC). To start, they are invariably well informed, eager to dig up the facts … Continue reading

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A Big Brother with HP, IBM and Oracle Senior Executives?

Dear CBS, have I got a great idea for your next Big Brother run . . . execs from HP, IBM and Oracle will bring double crosses, feigned alliances and even a sex scandal to the show.  Call me! Related Posts: September 17th, 2010 (Procurement Insights): Drinking the HP Kool-Aid September 17th, 2010 (Procurement Insights): The … Continue reading

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