February Huffington Post Robocall article by Jim Harris demonstrates the kind of slanted hyperbolic journalism one would only expect to see in the U.S.

I once heard a line in a episode of Family Guy that went if “I haven’t seen it then it is new to me.” It’s a great line that has always brought a smile to my face . . . perhaps I am too easily amused?! However, the February 27th, 2012 Huffington Post article “Harper … Continue reading

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How Facebook May Be Violating Your First Amendment Rights (Part 1)

Picture this scenario . . . Within your main Facebook comment stream a current and contentious event is brought to light by many people. It appears that the vast majority are advocating or supporting a particular position. Based on your extensive research you find that all may not be as it appears in terms of … Continue reading

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Who is linking back in to your blog . . . The power of the Three C’s of social media success

Back in November my post “The Three Cs of Social Media Success . . . and it is absolutely FREE with no strings attached!” introduced the Content – Context – Contact model for social media success. For those who may have missed the original post, here is a quick review of what I mean when I … Continue reading

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