The Power Within: Are anti-psychotic drugs now obsolete?

“In 1976 I discovered, quite by accident, an amazing idea!  One that has led to the development of an extremely effective tool to elevate positive emotion and mood and permanently change behavior.  Behaviors like unwanted habits, compulsions and even addictions.  A technique so powerful, that with practice, a person can get from a normal mood, … Continue reading

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Can The Health Care Industry Be Trusted? Tune in and tell us what you think?

Not wanting to pick on GlaxoSmithKline but, a little more than a month later, the pharmaceutical giant announced that it would pay $750 million to settle both criminal and civil suits surrounding it’s sale of an antidepressant which it knew was little more than a placebo, as well as tainted baby ointment.  First of all, … Continue reading

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