Is Anybody Watching? With YouTube Analytics it’s not a question about the number of views but viewer retention

Do you post videos to YouTube? I have to tell you that the “Analytics” tools on YouTube are amazing! If you post videos they are a must as they take you well beyond the basic “views” and “likes” numbers.  If you want to know for example if your message is getting out there, pay particular … Continue reading

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Into the belly of the SEO Beast . . .

SEO Debate Update: Another SEO Update . . . after yet another individual came forward verifying my search results (refer to image below), the SEO group removed the entire comment stream. What does this tell you? I guess it is true, when you don’t like the questions nor the answers, and you can’t bully someone … Continue reading

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Wayne Crookes’ lawsuits disconcerting and perhaps even frivolous, but are they a necessary exercise in the establishment of Internet accountability?

When I read about the lawsuits that were brought against several bloggers by Wayne Crookes for simply providing a link to major Internet sites such as Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia and MySpace, sites that Mr. Crookes contends defamed his character, I must admit that I immediately thought of the Jerky Boyz’ Sol Rosenberg.  As part of … Continue reading

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