With sensational headlines and shocking revelations are we missing the bigger tragedy of the Penn State scandal?

During this past weekend’s Special Edition of BTW! on Blog Talk Radio, in which I welcomed to the show renown sports psychologist Dr. Jack Singer and the National Post’s Managing Editor Jonathan Kay, an amazing revelation came to light that while maybe not surprising has perhaps been lost amidst the scandalous headlines regarding former Nittany Lion defensive … Continue reading

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Is Paterno as guilty as Sandusky? What may have really happened to an honourable man caught up in a predator’s web

“Evil prospers when good men do nothing” . . .  Edmund Burke In cases of child abuse where one parent remains willingly oblivious to the heinous acts of the other, I have always considered such silence to be every bit as damnable as the actions of the one perpetrating the crime.  It is as if … Continue reading

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Dr. Jack Singer weighs in on Nittany Lion Scandal that rocks Penn State University

The following is a guest post by famed sports psychologist Dr. Jack Singer who earlier this month was a guest on the PI Window on Blog Talk Radio in a segment titled “The Psychology of Professional Athletes,” providing his take on the sexual abuse scandal involving former Penn State Nittany Lion defensive coordinator Gerald Sandusky. What … Continue reading

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