The rise of the citizen journalist brand and how it has transcended the medium’s message

FORBES’s new model for individually branded journalism is all about self-publishing, self-marketing, voice, knowledge, perspective and context. From the February 9th, 2012 Forbes article “Inside Forbes: Reinventing Personal Brand-Building By Learning From the Masters” by Lewis DVorkin It is at once both interesting and perplexing that traditional journalists are loath to step out from behind … Continue reading

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Celebrity CEO Series: John Little and Portal Software proves that you don’t have to make money to make money

Besides, $220 million is quite a premium for a company that lost $75 million last year, said Patrick Kelly, partner and founder of analyst firm OSS Observer. In fact, Portal hasn’t had a profitable year from a revenue standpoint since its very successful initial public offering in May 1999. from the April 13th, 2006 Connected … Continue reading

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