Celebrity CEO Series: David Walsh – Building the Ubiquitous Bre-X Brand

But here’s the thing, besides the fact that Lefkofsky as the Times article pointed out, has a checkered entrepreneurial past involving what appears to be slight of hand dealings coupled with the apparent blind eye of the firms involved with the underwriting process, it is becoming abundantly clear that Groupon is about as golden as Bre-X. … Continue reading

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2002 article heralding the “End of the affair for celebrity CEOs” a telling tale of what was most troubling with the dot com craze: but where are these intrepid “profits of prosperity” now?

Like the most wanted posters that used to adorn the local post offices across the country, the pictures of once heralded CEOs gracing the cover of countless business magazines such as Business Week, Forbes and Time seems a fitting epitaph to a bygone era when vapor and the promise of riches trumped sound business principles … Continue reading

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