“Did Advise and Encourage” Suicide (by Law Professor Susan Brenner)

On Wednesday’s PI Window segment (Cybercrime, Insanity Pleas and the Right to Die: A Guest Panel Discussion), we welcomed to the show NCR Distinguished Professor of Law and Technology Susan Brenner and, TV’s Cop Doc Dr. Richard Weinblatt to discuss the fast approaching William Melchert-Dinkel trial in which The Serial Suicide Killer is facing conviction … Continue reading

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Is an insanity plea the only remaining option in Serial Suicide Killer’s efforts to avoid prison?

“However, and here is where there is considerable gray area, the law according to Wehrwein “doesn’t specifically address situations involving communication via the Internet.”  This as it turns out is the basis upon which some legal experts (including Melchert-Dinkel’s lawyer Terry Watkins) have suggested that freedom of speech issues could play a role in the … Continue reading

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Cyber War and the Emergence of the Borderless Criminal: Why the Melchert-Dinkel Serial Killer Case Should Be a Slam Dunk . . . For the Prosecution

“The basis for the assimilation or perhaps reconciliation of virtual and physical realities in terms of law enforcement starts with the basic premise of criminal law, which as Susan Brenner who is the NCR Distinguished Professor of Law and Technology at the School of Law stated in a May 6th, 2009 article, is about “preventing … Continue reading

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