After spending considerable time following the Limbaugh – Fluke controversy in the chat rooms and comment streams of the social media world one thing is clear . . . America needs to grow up, stop being petty and for goodness sake get an idea!

At the end of the day while improper and inflammatory . . . the Limbaugh – Fluke controversy pales in comparison to the problems the US faces in terms of an economy and education system that are slipping into a third world status, and a health care system marred by pharmaceutical company corruption and a … Continue reading

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While organizations such as CATA herald the importance of an Innovation Nation, study results beg the question . . . is anybody listening?

Canadian corporations cut spending on research and development for the fifth year in a row, despite increasing revenues, reports an annual study by a business intelligence firm. from the November 2nd, 2011 Huffington News post “Canadian Firms Slash R&D Spending Again“ In what is still one of the most popular segments in the history of … Continue reading

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