Are you the next “Cinch Idol?”

It is finally a reality!  An American Idol for everyone who is 35 years or older! That’s Right!  Forget about the Justin Beibers and Lady Ga(GAG)s, and make room for the erstwhile Tony Bennetts and Lena Hornes who will be moving their acts from the cozy confines of the shower to center stage on . … Continue reading

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200 Shows on Blog Talk Radio: An Unplanned Milestone

Right off the bat you should know that prior to my first show on Blog Talk Radio “BTR” on March 26th, 2009 I had never hosted anything other than the occasional dinner party. I tell you this as a means of illustrating the fact that under the right circumstances and within the context of one’s … Continue reading

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Blog Talk Radio Founder Alan Levy Will be a Guest on the PI Window on Business on November 17th

Blog Talk Radio represents a renaissance of the old snap, crackle and pop medium of our collective pasts. But is a Blog Talk Radio really that different from traditional radio in terms of successfully gaining and keeping an audience’s interest? On November 17th, in a segment titled “How McDonald’s Real Estate Decisions Impacts Success on … Continue reading

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