Were big salaries part of an elaborate, generational scheme for owners to eventually take over pro sports once and for all?

We have all heard the saying . . . the only difference between a six (or seven) figure salary and an everyday paycheck is the number of zeros. As someone who has experienced the extremes of earning the even now unimaginable sum of $40K to $70K per month and, scrapping pennies from the bottom of … Continue reading

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After the cheering stops: The life of a professional athlete

With local teams such as the Philemon Falcons sporting a perfect 5 and 0 record and entertaining the possibility of a championship one has to wonder how many players are presently nurturing the dream of one day making it all the way to the pros? This week on BTW! we will be joined by former … Continue reading

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BTW! Exclusive . . . Profiler Pat Brown provides an interesting glimpse into the life of a Gatineau predator! Is there a possible link with the Leblanc murder?

Incredible tips (7 in total) from criminal profiler Pat Brown on the possible profile identity of the Gatineau abductor . . . including the proximity of the abduction attempts to the Rose Blue Massage Parlour . . . remember to tune in to the on-demand broadcast from last evening’s BTW! segment “Profiling the Abductor . … Continue reading

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